August 24, 2014

Week 4 - Singapore

Does anyone ever call you Quinton?  Are you suppose to use first names?  -No one knows my first name :)

How did the grocery shopping go?  Where you able to find foods that you like and recognize?  -The shopping went OK. I eat Fruit Loops for breakfast and PB&J for lunch and dinner unless we have appointments. I had Subway twice and McDonald's once this week and we had 3 dinner appointments which was nice because I didn't have to cook!  I also got chicken rice at a Hakka center and that was super tasty!  I'd prefer like more bottlecaps, pringles, swedish fish, tootsie rolls and the other snack foods we have talked about. Plus American bread is waaaay better but you can't send that. :(  The food isn't too bad, but every time we eat American food I shout for JOY!

Noticed that it cost $11.50 for Subway last week.  I hope that was a foot-long, chips and a drink.   -It was a foot-long, chips, drink and cookies, but it still is spendy...

Is the rain in Singapore cold?  Is their Thunder?  Lightening?  Does the sky get dark or does it rain from blue sky?  -Sky is dark when it rains but the rain is warm... Cold for here, but warm for me!  You probably had more rain than us this week, it was kinda dry... hahah not really but still! LOVE RAIN!  You never get used to the heat! But its really nice here!

What was the highlights of the week?  -Well we had 7 members present lessons to an investigator and the whole zone had 30 all together, which was a record for the zone this year.  It was really cool to teach so many times!  We have two investigators that are getting baptized on the 6 of September and their faith is super strong and they love the gospel.  We were walking back to the bus stop after a dinner appointment and an American that has been backpacking through Indonesia asked us for directions, we were able to talk for a minute and ended up giving him a Book of Mormon at his request which was super cool!  He flies back to the states so we don't get to teach him but we are still planting seeds!  The coolest experience was probably when one of our lessons fell through so we visited a former investigator instead.  Turns out he had prayed for someone from our Church to come over as he wanted a priesthood blessing before he had his last major surgery today!  If that lesson hadn't of fallen through we wouldn’t have visited him, the Lord works in mysterious ways!!!

Our six week vision scripture is Alma 26:12, In his hands I can perform MANY MIGHTY MIRACLES!

For a typical day we wake up, exercise, eat breakfast and get ready.  8:30 to 9:30 is personal study, then companion study for an hour, then training for an hour. Then we eat lunch before we leave the apartment at about 12:30 and go teach lessons or MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) contact.  We always ride the train and sometimes we ride buses.  We walk if it isn't super far away from the MRT.  And then we get home at 9:30 and plan for the next day.

I want to buy an orange tie. You could put on the blog, that Elder Cheney would love more ties!  I feel like I am wearing the same over and over, I want more variety!  Make sure to send variety of colors with striped patterns.

Elder Cheney
Clementi Ward

Sleeping arrangements.
Little bit of closet space.
My selection of food.
Chicken noodles, like cup of noodles, with chicken added and cabbage.
Some of the American food that I found.
Heading out with my companion to do some teaching.


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