August 31, 2014

Week 5 - Singapore

So what were the highlights of this week?  -Well we have 2 investigators getting baptized this week so the highlights were meeting with them as they get ready for this upcoming saturday!  We also took over the Sisters investigator because we have no sisters now, and we met with her twice this week!  She is a 50ish old Chinese women from Singapore.  She has a baptism date in November, but we really want to move it up because she is so ready for baptism she just needs to realize it!  And I contacted a girl from China this week using some Chinese and very broken English!

What are the people there like?  Are most of them friendly?  -They are nice! They are however super busy and never want to meet up.  :(  They are all on their phones on the train with headphones in.  So it takes major courage to talk to them, because you are kinda bugging them.  And almost no one but missionaries talk to people on the MRT.  So yeah, fun stuff.

Are you getting to know your companions and other roommates and other missionaries?  Do you see other missionaries much?  -I know my roommates and my companion really well.  The other missionaries not so much because we stay in our areas.  Sometimes we will run into them, on the train.  We saw all 6 of the Singaporean Chinese missionaries on 1 train the other day.  We see all the Singapore missionaries on Tuesday or at least most of them.

We went from a week where we taught and taught to a week where every plan fell through.  We still had 4 lessons with investigators, but we had in total 7 lessons cancelled this week.  It was super annoying because we ended up just riding the MRT around and around trying to find more people to teach and we didn't get any appointments from all of that.  We got phone numbers that might turn into investigators but in general we just tried to find people this week.  I have had absolutely terrible knee pain that is getting worse everyday.  Both knees hurt.  I thought when I stood up after sacrament meeting I was going to plant my leg, have it buckle and fall on my face.  Luckily that didn't happen! It feels like it will soon though. :/  I'm hopefully getting knee braces today and they will hopefully help!  We shall see.  I have no idea why my knees hurt.  It's just great!  Missionary work is still super fun even when you are contacting.  I can say "I am Elder Cheney" and "I am an American." in Chinese now!  Which is super cool. I can say I'm from Australia as well but that isn't true for me. :)

Elder Cheney
Clementi Ward

3 McDoubles, a large fry and a milkshake.  My Favorites :)
Mango Soygurt
Roasted chicken rice
Steamed chicken rice
East coast park.  P-day with the zone.  We played beach volleyball.


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