August 01, 2014

Week 1 - MTC

The MTC is crazy. You are always going and doing something. Never a dull moment.  We went to class right after getting dropped off. Not a second is wasted here at the MTC.  The MTC is an un-explainable experience. You want to learn but you want to rest. But you don't get rest you just get lots of knowledge!

My district has 6 people, and we are the Singapore English Speaking District, so all the Singapore English speakers at the MTC equals 6. 

My companion Elder Jones is from Sydney, Australia and is 20 years old. He has a way cool accent and is very fun to work with. His sense of time is a little different, so we've been late a few times. I'm trying to make sure we are punctual. 

2 other Elders are in the district. Elder Andrus from Pocatello and Elder Young from Green River Wyoming, they are both 18 and room with me and Elder Jones. 

We have 2 sisters. I can't remember their ages... But Sister Allred is from Harriman Utah, and Sister Willis is from the DC Area. They are really nice and help keep class discussion on track when the Elders (myself included) start joking. 

MTC food tastes good and then 20 minutes later you don't feel to great, then another 20 minutes and you want to eat again. I think I've put on a little weight. But I have had salad and pineapple with almost every meal.

​I got several missionary grams, love them all. Not sure how many you sent... I just barely got my Swedish fish and all of the dear elders and am stoked to eat them! 

We leave the MTC on August 12 at 12:30 to go to the airport. We fly from SLC to LAX then LAX to Hong Kong. HK to Singapore! we should be in Singapore on the 14th at about noon according to my schedule. (Remember mom, that is Singapore time) so it'd be 10 o'clock at night on the 13th your time. 

I have taken pictures, but the computers don't have SD card readers in this lab, and I don't have one... Maybe send one to be safe so i can upload pictures. 

I'm alive, happy and doing well!  ​

Elder Cheney

At the Temple before heading into the MTC.
I call top bunk :)
Elder Cheney, Elder Jones, Elder Young, Elder Andrus
Sister Willis & Sister Allred
In the classroom at the MTC

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