September 29, 2014

Week 9 - Singapore

I’m a Chinese Elder!

Well I have been moved to Newton and I live with the Chinese Elders!  Elder Tseng, Elder Wadsworth, Elder Wang and Elder Lundahl-Wolford.  Elder Wadsworth and Elder Tseng are the Zone Leaders.  They are taking good care of me.  They are the best! I'm also in a wheelchair and get pushed around everywhere.  My knee hurts a ton, yet I am sitting down now all of the time.  We can’t find a patella strap so please send one, thanks.  I am trying to be positive about it, but I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.

Elder Perritt is still my companion.  I am with Elder Perritt 3 days a week and we do weekly planning, church and p-day together.  Which today is P-day and we are having a basketball tournament that I can’t play in.  He goes on exchanges with other missionaries every day to do work in Clementi while I go to the Family History Center and Index, which is at the Stake Center.  Currently the family history center air conditioning is broken and it is extremely hot and humid.  Everyday a different Elder stays with me while their companion goes with Elder Perritt to do work in the Clementi area.  He stays with the Elders he is doing exchanges with.  In the 2 days I have spent in the office I have indexed 670 names.  The Elders are super glad they only have to spend one day in the office with me.  I can’t wait to leave, I’m pretty much going insane in the office because I am not a missionary but I am if that makes sense.  I don't contact or teach people but I still wear the name tag. This week has been rough, and next week will be as well as I try to adjust to being in the office for awhile.  The plan is for me to do indexing and be in a wheelchair at least until the 8th of October.

I also attended a baptism in Chinese this week.  We spent most of the week moving.  I am doing all the indexing in English names, though I can pick whatever language I want.

There are about 20 missionaries here today emailing.  SO FUN!  We are all super quiet and typing.  I love all the photos you have sent me.  Send me more.  Can’t wait for Wednesday when I have $$ again! (Are you totally out of money?)  No I have a tiny bit left and some American money that I could convert to sing dollars if I absolutely have to.  We only get money once a month.  It’s going to take me some time to figure out my budget.

That’s cool about the Bagley’s getting called to Singapore.  Tell them to prepare for humidity like no other!

Elder Cheney
Clementi Ward

--> Read more about his knee problem.

Elder Tseng from Taiwan pushing me in the wheelchair.
Sister Kryvanic pushing me around in the MRT.
My new view.
All packed and ready for the move.
Me in my sarong, wheel chair in background.
The mall.
Saying goodbye to Elder Cocq
The office.  The sisters came to visit me!
Zone Conference picture.


Mary Beth said...

So sorry to hear about your knee and hope that you're soon able to get back to regular missionary work! Keep up the good attitude.
Aunt Mary and Uncle Nolan

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