September 07, 2014

Week 6 - Singapore

This week was fairly uneventful, except the fact that we had 2 baptisms on Saturday!!!  I felt happy for them, but it was not my experience. The Chinese sisters taught one of them and the other one was ready for baptism when I got here and talks more about the missionary that left than she does about me. But still baptisms.  I contacted a 15 year old on the bus and he was so happy that I did. He wants to meet up but is busy with finals and he lives in CCK area which means Elder Cocq and Elder Smith get to teach him.  Most people don't want to talk to you.  So hard to understand people.  Plus they all are on their phones and tablets in the train and pretend not to hear you.... It's so funny.

The knee braces really dig into my knees and are not comfy at all.  I have still been wearing them, but the pain hasn't really decreased.  I just feel like I won't fall down because now my knee is locked into placed essentially.  And my knees are popping and clicking when I walk, which I don't think is normal...

We had a monsoon essentially one day.  That was fun.

We also were visited by Elder Funk of the 70 and Elder Allen who is the managing director of the mission department.  They trained us on how to be better missionaries and essentially the message was that missionaries stink at planning and we need to improve.. ha-ha.

And that was the week.  We are going ice skating and to see some of the city today.

Elder Cheney
Clementi Ward

Hello everyone back home.
The knee braces that I found.  Not very comfortable.
I did find a couple new ties.  Check this one out.
Elder Perritt watching our cookies bake.
We made cookies for some of the members.
Elder Perritt Mabel and I, Sister Ung, Brother Andrew and the Chinese sisters
Elder Perritt, Mabel and I before the baptism.
Scriptures and my missionary tag.
Been working on marking my scriptures.


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