August 17, 2014

Week 3 - Singapore

Always good to hear from you!  And I'm doing good!  I hope I answered all of your questions. :)

How's the cold?  -Getting better, still a little stuffy.

Can you buy cold medicine there?  -I assume so, haven't shopped yet.

What was the flight over there like?  Did you sleep?  -Long, Long and Long. I slept for as much as I could. But it wasn't enough, so much time flying.

What did you do while you were at the air ports for all the long layovers?  -Ate food and talked to the missionaries that were in the travel group.

What do you do on a plane for so long?  -Well you sleep, you stretch and then you sleep some more. It's so boring.

What was your first impression of Singapore?  -Singapore is amazing!

Where did you sleep that first night?  Did you all go home with President and Sister Mains?  -We (the new elders) slept at the senior couple's (Elder and Sister Boyter) home. It is by one of the 3 chapels in Singapore. The new sisters stayed  in a hotel.

What's the town like where you are serving?  -Lots of highrises and I haven't seem much of it yet.

What's your church like?  Is it the same format and all that as we do it here in the states?  Or is the ward too small and do they then do things different?  -It is the same format, with just 80ish people instead of 270ish.

How's the time change?  Getting use to it yet?  -Was brutal, not so bad now!

What ever happened with the bedding?  -Bedding is fine, don't worry.

How do you do laundry and shop for food?  -We have a washer and dryer in the apartment, can do laundry all the time. :). The store is in our basement as well. Singapore is uber convenient. They just don't use toilet paper which is weird....  we use a hose to spray it.  No joke

And of course.. Where are you and who is your companion?  -I am in Clementi Ward in SINGAPORE!!!!!  I'm sure dad can find it on church maps.  My companion is Elder Perritt and guess what?  He's from Australia and the same stake as Elder Jones.

And now to my week:
Flight took most the week and it was so long. Not the funnest time in the world. Singapore has been amazing and we have already taught 2 lessons to investigators who both have baptismal dates! :). We live in YEW TEE (look up the SMRT everything is based off the SMRT stations in Singapore). We live with the Cha Chu Kang Elders. District Leader Smith who is from New Zealand and Elder Cocq from France, both are English speaking missionaries. I am the only American in the house and the district. The Cha Chu Kang sisters are from Madagascar and Tahiti, both English speaking as well. Clementi Ward has no sisters this transfer :(, the ward is sad about it.  No bike in this area. I ride the SMRT to get everywhere. There are 166 missionaries in this mission. 40 in Singapore, 4 per ward execpt ours because the Chinese ward has 6. They stole our Sisters (kinda)

I'm doing really well.  I had duck and pork rice and duck is soooooo tasty! :)  I also had Filipino Mac and Cheese and that tasted pretty good to.  It's weird being the only American, they all think we eat so unhealthy.  Hahah.  My companion refuses to eat "Maccas" McDonalds.  We can see it from our Apartment.  It sinks, because McDonalds is so much better than what we have been eating.  Other than the duck rice. (I liked that.)  Well, it’s almost time for Subway Monday! :)  The district gets Subway for lunch every Monday together.  Send American food, my apartment mates are all eating weird stuff and luckily I finally get to shop for myself today,  but anything you send make sure it has good ole American food.  American snack food that is!

Elder Cheney

Elder Cheney, Elder Perritt, Elder Cocq, Elder Smith
View from our apartment.
Clementi Ward location in relation to Singapore
Elder Cheney with Sister Romney.  We love Sister Romney's mission blog.
Our apartment building in Yew Tee Point


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