September 22, 2014

Week 8 - Singapore

Hello from Singapore!  First Transfers are done!  I am staying in the Clementi ward with Elder Perrit. Elder Cocq is leaving our district and going to Malacca.  So a new flat mate coming this week.  Elder Smith is sad.  We all love Elder Cocq.  We are getting Sisters in the Clementi ward also. :)  How long have each of you been out serving? Elder Perrit is at 6 months, Elder Cocq just hit the 3 month mark, and Elder Smith is 9 months old in the mission.

I’ve been trying to make sure my things are perfect so no one can complain about them.  I’m the most organized in the house.  You’d be impressed with how organized my things are!:)  (He didn’t keep his room clean while he was at home.  I told him he had to be cleaner so that he wouldn’t drive the other Elders crazy with a mess)

I made it to the doctor finally!!  Got an MRI and my kneecap has been rubbing on my shinbone, yeah super painful.  So I get to take medicine to re-grow the cartilage in my knee and I have to stay off it as much as possible.  Sister Mains says we are going to be really aggressive in trying to treat it, they may move me into the office so that I won’t have to be on it so much, but for now I am staying where I am and will try hard to stay off of it.  She also says I cannot play any sport until it is completely healed, so bowling today, I will be a spectator.   Luckily the rubbing only agitated my meniscus and didn't tear anything, so I am ok for now!  Just have to be careful and it should be healed in about 6-8 weeks!  We will take care of my knee and hopefully it heals soon.  

We don’t eat at members home very much.  I love chicken rice and I have started to get attached to rice.  When I don’t eat it I feel like I’m missing something hahaha.  I don’t go hungry,  I’m finding things to eat.  I still need to work on liking the spicy Asian food.  It’s like so spicy your nose runs while you eat it!  I think I’m losing weight and getting back into shape!  Everything is good!  I am good!

Zone Conference this week was Amazing!  The topic we centered on was having the FAITH to get the MIRACLE.  We have a mission goal of 545 baptisms and we only have like 230, so it was all about having the faith to be able to reach our goal!  We talked about being bold when contacting people and making sure that we don't stand in the way of the Lord, rather that we are helping the work move forward!  Elder Perritt and I taught how to teach lesson 5 and that went well as well!  Zone Conference is just awesome!

The craziest experience I had this week was as we were riding the MRT to church we got a text message asking ME to take 10 minutes to speak in sacrament about being a righteous example.  I had about 40 minutes to prepare, but we were on a train so I didn't really prep anything.  I shared 1 Timothy 4:12 and also shared Alex Arrendondo's conversion story and how through small and simple actions that we might think are minor at the time, major miracles can happen.  I took up more than 10 minutes and the members said that if I hadn't told them I wasn't prepared they wouldn't have known.  They were all really impressed with my speaking ability.  I felt so blessed to have that talent and to have put the effort in to truly make it one of my biggest strengths.  If we practice something it will become a strength of ours.  Ether 12:27 is a great scripture to read about talents and weak things that we don't think we can do!  If you believe you can improve you can!  Everyone should read Ether 12 and Moroni 6-8 this week, because it testifies of what I wish to impart with you.  Through faith and our efforts we can improve!  Remember Faith if it has not works, being alone is dead.  James 2:17 I think.  Work to grow your faith and you can do anything you set your mind to!   Tell Alex that it is AWESOME that he got his call to Seoul South Korea, and tell him to start eating the Asian food.

Put on the blog that Elder Cheney wants to know about home just as much as you want to hear about Singapore, so feel free to email him and he will do his best to email back.  (Elder Cheney gets only 90 minutes at a computer to read emails, and write back.  But he would love to hear from you and all that is going on here at home.  Also feel free to write snail mail, since he is in Singapore he gets mail weekly.)

Also remember to go to the Temple (send a pic of you at the temple) and READ!!!! Ether 12 and Moroni 6-8 and Alma 32!

You da best! Love you!
Elder Cheney
Clenmenti Ward

Favorite treats of Elder Cheney’s that he can’t get in Singapore are:  Bottle Caps, tootsie rolls, Swedish fish, and gold fish crackers.  He loves getting packages and snail mail.  Send lots!

Getting back home from Zone conference :)
Check out my organizationally skills.
Myself, Elder Perritt, Elder Stratfold & Elder Egbert
My group from the MTC !!!
Sister Romney at zone conference.
My ice cream.  I ate the carton this week!
The bag has my MRI photos in it.
All the missionaries that serve in CCK and Clementi that were at zone conference.


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