September 15, 2014

Week 7 - Singapore

Time Flies!-
So how was your week?—Can I answer painfully fun?, cuz it was.
In general the week was good.  The Hong Kong medical office has talked to me twice now about my left knee.  I was taking 400mg of Ibuprofen 3x daily to try and help it.  It didn’t help; I started getting headaches from the pain.  Based off the conversation I had with them this morning they think I may have a cyst in my knee.  Going to have to get an MRI to check.  Will let ya know how that turns out.
Zone conference this week.  My companion and I are in singing in the choir and giving training to our zone.  We are teaching how to teach lesson 5 in chapter 3 of PMG (Preach My Gospel).  It use to only be taught after baptism, but now we teach it before and after.  I am the youngest Missionary in our zone… haha  Next week we find out about transfers…..if my knee is bad I will be transferred state-side.
We don’t have much planned this week.  All of our investigators are flaky and cancel.  Everyone is super busy and they don’t make religion a priority.  We don’t contact people in Malls…. my companion hates malls.. haha  We did have a few new contacts this week….. but none that was super cool…We taught a gay guy…not sure if he will want to really meet with us again.  We did meet all of our goals this week and had a great week teaching people.
No one here knows what missionaries are.  They think we are paid if we say we are missionaries. so we say that we are volunteers.  We are so alien to them.  All of the business men wear dress shirts but no ties and people have shoulder bags just like us.  Everyone has technology and they lose interest when we tell them we don't and have to explain that is just the missionaries that don't. Communication is hard with broken English.  They also have thick Asian accents and talk really soft.
On p-days we can go anywhere we want in Singapore.  We are playing lots of sport today.  Beach volleyball and a pre-zone conference sports night.
This week at our District meeting we learned about the Iron Rod.. 1 Nephi 7-12 read about it.  For our District meeting we travel to Newton, it takes only an hour.  When we are done with our meetings we travel back and do missionary work.
We had stake conference last week it was good.  The stake is about the size of our ward with the Archer ward.  Only about 500 people.  They have all the callings that you need to be a functional stake and ward.   The mission President and his Wife both spoke.
What my mission has taught me so far…. You don’t know how great what you have is, until you realize what it is without it.  Be it American food or the Gospel.  When you can’t get it, or you meet people that don’t have it, you realize how much it has changed your life.
I got the package!!!  Wooh! PACKAGES ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!  The other Elders didn’t like the American food.. hahaha
Alma 26:27 popped up like 6 times in one day this week, so READ it!!!!!
(Now when our hearts were depressed, and were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success.)
Elder Cheney
Clementi Ward

***   Please pray for Elder Cheneys knee this week.  ***

Elder Cocq and I heading to the the ice skating rink.
Ice skating rink inside the mall.  It was fun.
Sister Taputea is from Tahiti and is my district. She is being trained by sister Rama from Madagascar.
Elder Wadsworth from Utah. Chinese Elder who is one of our Zone Leaders
More of our zone.
No name kid, he just wanted to be in a photo :)
Lunch after a District meeting, with the Chinese elders.
Look what I found in the grocery store.
Rainy day while we are planning.
Night time skyline picture.
The food is Luksa, super spicy. I was forced to eat it, did not enjoy it.


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