November 25, 2014

Medical Release update

It's been 6 weeks since I returned home from Singapore for a medical release.  I have been diagnosed with pateforella pain syndrome aka runners knee.  The treatment has been thus far physical therapy.  I
saw the doctor again today, I am improving but it is a slow, painful, process.  I am still no where healed enough to return to the mission field.  I am to do another month of physical therapy.  I will see the doctor the fist of the new year and be reevaluated then.  I don't have a idea of how long it will take for my knees. To heal. The doctor says its not liking healing a pulled or torn tendon. There is no set time.  He does believe I am starting to turn the corner.

I am learning that healing takes time and is no fun.  I can't control what's happening to my knees.    All in Gods timing......

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.

Quinton Cheney


Young Family Adventures said...

Quinton... I found your blog tonight to check in on you & see how you are doing!! Sorry to hear the process is so slow & the length of recovery is unknown!! Elder Young wants me to send his love & concern to you & let you know he is thinking about you.

(He informed me that Elder Andrus returned home this week :( due to incurable headaches. Our hearts are torn for you both!!!)

Our Prayers are with you!! Here's to a better New Year - 2015!!!

Love the Young Family!!

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