October 06, 2014

Week 10 - Singapore

I have been in the office all week and have indexed 1,971 names thus far... The AC is broken in the Family History Center so I haven't gotten out of being warm all the time.  I've gained 0 pounds because I sweat all day at a computer..  So much fun!

(When do you get to watch conference? Where do you do that?)  We get to watch conference at the chapels, on Saturday and Sunday upcoming.

(Have you tried durian yet?)
  I've had durian ice cream, gelato and cake. But not the actual fruit. FYI it smells terrible and the taste lingers for ever!

The knees have not gotten better.... :/  President Mains is going to call me sometime today to discuss what we are going to do.  I can't walk without it hurting.  Every time the left knee bends it kills.  And when it pops it collapses now too.  It’s really gross. (Please don’t lose your MRI disk....) hahaha  I have it still.  I wouldn't throw it away.  I do everything I am told to do.  I need more ibuprofen, super $$ here.  Send it with the package.  And I always work hard. #dontstopwontstop

I did accompany an Elder Fergusen to the hospital this week, he's fine!  He had passed out while riding his bike and they wanted to run some tests to make sure.  HE IS FINE!  And we had dinner with Americans at their home; he knew them and set up an appointment.  We got American spaghetti. SO YUMMY!

I also taught my first lesson without Elder Perritt!  It was with Elder Jones (yes my MTC companion) and we rocked it!  Yay!  We taught Mabel!  Our RC that got baptized like 3 weeks ago in the stake center, which is where the office is.  (Do you ever teach in peoples homes?)  Normally food courts or the chapels.

Elder Perritt lost my small suitcase, he left it in a taxi.  Luckily it was empty, this was 2 friday's ago and we haven't found it...  He was going to use it as a night bag for splits.  He doesn't have a small one.  Yes it was the carry on (pretty much the most important when flying).  I doubt we will find it. Yes he did call the taxi service.

Oh and the Boyters are awesome!  Pretty much my surrogate grandparents!  The Boyters live right behind our chapel, and go to our ward and they feed us every 2nd Sunday They were in Kuching before.  I literally see them every day and talk to them because they are the office couple!

Everything hinges on President Mains and what his decision is.  If I am coming home, I'd assume so...  I'll ask Sister Mains to email you when we know.

P.S.  We did play basketball last p-day. And I made 6 3-pointers, while sitting in the wheelchair. -That's for uncle Ryan’s post of Facebook ;)


Elder Cheney
Clementi Ward

My haircut from Elder Lundahl-Wolford
More shaving
Scissor time.
Cleaning it up.
Haircut turned out OK :)
How busy the computers are when all the missionaries are writing home.
Elder Hunsaker from Idaho Falls, briefing some missionaries in the MRT station


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