August 08, 2014

Week 2 - MTC

So you asked several times what church at the MTC is like.  Well it was Fast Sunday and completely different than normal MTC church.. :).  We had testimony meeting as a zone, and then went to mission conference where they had a guest speaker and all of the MTC presidents and their wives spoke.  We then  studied.  Then the zone went on a walk around the Provo temple.  We finally got to eat after that. Then we had devotional, the BYU president and his wife spoke.  Then we watched General Authority's past devotionals that have been recorded.  We went to Characteristics of Christ, given by President Bednar.  LOOK IT UP AND WATCH IT FOR FAMILY HOME EVENING IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!  And yeah that was Sunday. 

Other than that we have just been having lots of class to learn more about how to teach.  It's a lot harder than you would think.  You can't just tell people what you know, you have to engage them and involve them and make it apply to them. I t helps that I already knew like all the things we teach as missionaries so I can focus on helping people. 

We went to the Provo temple this morning as a zone and that was great!  I attached a lot of pictures. Everyone feel free to send me more hardcopy photos!  And use dear elder, I love getting those.  

I am the only one in the district who did not need their shot record checked.  Only Elder Young and I had gotten both Japanese Encephalitis shots.  So I'll probably be serving in Malaysia first.  I've been feeling like Kuala Lumpur or Jahor Baru.  We will see when I get there.  Well I have to repack all my clothes.. that'll be fun.  I think I have everything else that I need.  I have my travel itinerary, my carry on can only be 15 pounds for the airline we are taking across the ocean.  GTG.  HAVE FUN.  TELL EVERYONE I LOVE THEM AND I'LL TALK TO YOU ALL SOON!!!


You commented on the food in your last email and said you were gaining weight, do your pants still fit?  - My pants still fit, I'm not putting on very much weight.

What  does your typical day/schedule looks like?  - A typical day has two 3 hour class periods, a 40 minute gym time, lots of study and TRC (where we fake teach) 

Have you met or seen anyone from Rexburg?  - I have run into Elder Lee, Elder Thueson, Elder Kelley, Elder Sweeten, Elder Harker, Elder Dickey, Elder Anderson and Elder Spencer. Elder Spencer was my boys state roommate and got here this week. The rest are all from Rexburg. 

Elder Cheney

Elder Cheney & Elder Thueson
Singapore District at the MTC
Singapore, Perth Australia and Edmonton Canada districts
Elder Cheney & Elder Kelly

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