July 20, 2014

The Farewell

Quinton issued a couple challenges for everyone during his talk and we thought we would list them here.

My first challenge is this: Read the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price in the two years i will be out. My plan is every 6 months to have one section read, D&C and the Pearl of Great Price being in the same six months.

My second challenge to you is this: If you are old enough to attend the temple, then maintain the standards needed to enter the House of the Lord and attend once a month (regularly).  

My Tips for being able to achieve the Temple challenge:

  1. Get a temple buddy, or a temple group. If you have someone to go with it makes it a lot easier for you and them to make it to the temple.
  2. Make time in your schedule to go. My Uncle Mitch, has set Saturday morning at 6 o’clock aside each week as his goal to go to the Temple. Find a time that works for you and plan on going.
  3. Be accountable if you don’t make it to the temple. In Life, I’m told that there are these things called “bills?” I’m just kidding, I know what bills are. They remind us that we owe money for services. You could have a phone bill, a house payment and many other sorts of bills to pay every month. What if at the end of every month, you received a bill from Heavenly Father for blessing you had received that month? And the only way to pay this bill was to attend the temple? You’d for sure be in the temple every month. You’ll never be able to “pay off” the debt that you owe Heavenly Father and Jesus, for everything you do, they will bless your live more.

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